Dr Marc-Angelo Bisotti
Senior Advisor at RPP Group; CSO ApoQlar; Director of Policy at the Holomedicine® Association

"Holomedicine® opens up a new world of medical advancement and will help reduce health inequalities."

Dr Gao Yujia
Vice-Chairman & Director of Clinical Research at the Holomedicine® Association; Consultant, Division of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, Department of Surgery, National University Hospital, Singapore

"Mixed Reality integration forms the next frontier in medical technology, and will revolutionize the way we practice medicine in the years to come. It is my privilege to be part of this revolution and in the continued research and development of Holomedicine®."

Sirko Pelzl
Chairman of the Holomedicine® Association; CEO ApoQlar

"Holomedicine® is first and foremost about the future. It is about transforming medicine, and transforming society by driving patient access to world-class innovations. The Holomedicine® Association will ensure its benefits are felt internationally."

Founding Members

Prof Alfred Kow Wei Chieh
Senior Consultant Division of Hepatobiliary & Pancreatic Surgery, Department of Surgery National University of Singapore

"Holomedicine® will revolutionalize how medical education & training and medical care will be delivered to patients in the future."

Onco-fetal Reprogramming of Endothelial Cells Drives Immunosuppressive Macrophages in Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Dr Andrew Makmur
Consultant Radiologist, Assistant Group Chief Technology Officer, National University Hospital of Singapore, National University Health System

"Holomedicine® has the potential to improve physician productivity and medical treatment quality."

CT volumetry for gastric carcinoma: association with TNM stage

Dr Andrew Lewington

flagDr Andrew Lewington

Consultant Renal Physician, Leeds Teaching Hospitals

"Holomedicine® provided us with an opportunity to provide essential remote patient facing teaching to medical students during the pandemic."


Dr Aprajay Golash
Consultant neurosurgeon, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals, UK

"Holomedicine® has the potential to transform medical education, patient education and medical training by the immersive experience it provides which makes information more “sticky” and clear in participants’ mind."

Dr Avreen Shah
Consultant Urologist, Andrologist and Men's Health Expert


Assessment of PANC3 score in predicting severity of acute pancreatitis

Dr Colin Mark Brown
Consultant Physician and Gastroenterologist and Chief Clinical Information Officer, University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust

"Holomedicine® is an important new modality in supporting remote audiovisual connections, with holographic overlay capability. I am most interested in exploring new ways of connecting clinical care and designing new health and care pathways within a system."


Daniel B. Saleh
Head of Department Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Newcastle Hospitals Trust

"This is the opportunity to link healthcare delivery and education, without barriers, to build equity in healthcare for patients."

Artificial Intelligence in plastic surgery: What is it? Where are we now? What is on the horizon?

Dr Darshan R. Bakshi
Co-Chief - Interventional Radiology, Clinical Assistant Professor - University of Calgary, Medical Director - Diagnostic Imaging Peter Lougheed Hospital Calgary Canada

"Holomedicine® allows the operator to obtain an intuitive understanding of complex anatomical systems thus reducing cognitive overload during operations and  has the potential to truly democratize medicine!"

Intra-Arterial and Intravenous Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasonography in Prostate Artery Embolization: A Case Series

David C. Rhew, M.D.
Global Chief Medical Officer and VP of Healthcare, Microsoft

"Holomedicine® has the potential to dramatically expand access to high quality and affordable education, training, medical/surgical care across the globe."


  1. The Essential Role of Technology in the Public Health Battle Against COVID-19
  2. 2018 Virtual Medicine Conference: David Rhew
David Seo

flagDavid Seo

Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Nicklaus Health
Dirk Neefs
Dentist in Ddcare and Bdent TedX Speaker, Belgium

"Holomedecine® is important because it incorporates all the existing state of the art technologies in one device and it enables us to focus more on our work and dedicate more attention to our patients. At the same time it is the perfect tool to communicate with colleagues, medical staff and administration while working. It is the future."

Vitamine D: De ontbrekende schakel in de osseointegrati

Prof Dr Dirk Weyhe
Director of University Hospital for Visceral Surgery at Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg; PIUS-Hospital, Oldenburg

"Holomedicine® improves patient safety by optimizing the patient pathway from diagnosis, patient education, surgery planning, medical consultation, surgery performance including documentation through precise 3D visualization, improved information flow, and telemedicine."

Dr Duong Phuoc
Paediatric cardiology consultant at Alder Hey Children's Hospital

"Holomedicine® allows access to uncharted knowledge and potentials, combine innovative young minds with the key to wealth of clinical experience and transporting of expertise to areas of the world in a way which has never been achieved."

Miss Ekpemi Irune
Consultant Laryngology, Head & Neck Surgeon, Cambridge

"Holomedicine® facilitates the democratisation of access to high quality surgical training."


Elena Bonfiglioli
Managing Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Regional Leader EMEA, Microsoft

"Holomedicine® is setting next generation standard and empowering health professionals with new tools that enhance precision, facilitate training and access to expertise.  It is a true enabler for the way medicine can transform and empower even better outcomes."


  1. Empowering change: how mixed reality is driving the future of medicine
  2. Harnessing health data for better outcomes: a call to action
Elijah Zhengyang CAI

flagElijah Zhengyang CAI

Registrar, Division of Plastic Surgery, University Surgical Cluster, National University Hospital, Singapore

"Holomedicine® enhances the surgeon’s ability to visualize anatomy, advancing the realm of image-guided surgery."

Elijah Zhengyang Cai publications 

Prof Dr Frank Teuteberg

flagProf Dr Frank Teuteberg

Full Professor (Information Systems) / University of Osnabrück in Germany

"Holomedicine® is important for improved anatomical orientation in 3D, faster and more precise diagnoses and documentation, and more resource efficient processes."

Google Scholar Profile

Gernot Maximilian Kaiser, FACS, MD
Professor and Head of Department of General and Visceral Surgery at St. Bernhard Hospital in Kamp-Lintfort, Germany

"Holomedicine® improves complex and also simple surgery."

Research Gate Profile

Giuseppe E. Umana MD, MSc
Associate Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, Department of Neurosurgery, trauma and gamma-knife center Cannizzaro, Hospital Catania, Italy

"Holomedicine® is a game changer for all aspects of medicine, from medical education, to patient care, informed consent, neuronavigation, simulation of novel devices and surgical planning."

Multimodal simulation of a novel device for a safe and effective external ventricular drain placement

Research Gate Profile

Dr. Hans-J. von Lücken

flagDr. Hans-J. von Lücken

Head and neck surgeon, senior physician, ENT clinic, Marienkrankenhaus Hamburg

Holomedicine® is the future. Doctors need instruments - holomedicine technology will be the outstanding medical instrument of the 21st century.

Prof Dr Ingo Stoffels
Senior Consultant, Department of Dermatology, University Hospital Essen, Germany

"Holomedicine® enables the surgeon intraoperatively to experience data and control connected systems more efficiently and ergonomically while encountering challenging surgical situations. The surgeon does not have to take his eyes off the patient and the surgical site, as the relevant data is superimposed in the field of view."

Pubmed Publications

Jakub Własny
Mixed Reality Team Leader at apoQlar

"Imagine that all medical data becomes available at your fingertips, wherever you are, and whenever you need it, all in 3D and via a single device. This is Holomedicine® and it's really something!"


James Macalister Kinross
Senior Lecturer in Surgery, Imperial College London

"Holomedicine® is a global collaboration that will build new methods for innovation, validation and dissemination of mixed reality technologies, ensuring they have maximum clinical impact."


  1. Precision gaming for health: Computer games as digital medicine
  2. A remote access mixed reality teaching ward round
Jamshid Ghajar MD PhD
Professor of Neurosurgery, Stanford University Founder, SyncThink


Consultant Surgeon, Department of Surgical Oncology, University Clinical Centre, Medical University of Gdańsk

''For centuries, surgeons have learned by memorization and preserving - in the form of drawings, paintings, photos, videos - images of the operated organs. Today, holomedicine® allows me not only to view intraoperative personalized radiological images in the form of holograms, but also to immerse them in the body of the operated patient.''


1) Quantitative imaging of the receptor for advanced glycation end-products in prostate cancer
2) Organization of BBMRI. Pl: the polish biobanking network

Jeremy Nelson
Director, Extended Reality Initiative at the University of Michigan

Holomedicine® is the future of medical education and it will create more engaged and innovative healthcare professionals.

Academic Innovation

Joe Varrasso
Mixed Reality Strategic Partnerships – Microsoft EMEA

"Holomedicine® has the potential to empower healthcare professionals to educate, collaborate and deliver improved accessibility and patient outcomes for all."

Dr. Kathrin von Usslar

flagDr. Kathrin von Usslar

ENT Consultant, CEO Voice Loft

"Holomedicine® not only reforms medicine, it places the patient with his or her needs in a completely new center of medical care, without time, place and professional limitations."


Dr Keren Priyadarshini
Regional Business Lead, Worldwide Health, Microsoft Asia

“Holomedicine® presents digital realities in Healthcare which will result in better patient outcomes by pushing the boundaries of the art of possible. Again the new era of the metaverse will unleash amazing creativity and open up new frontiers and horizons for Holomedicine.“


Kerri-Lynn Primmer Morris
CTO, Healthcare, Life Sciences and Education, Microsoft US

"Holomedicine® will empower the healthcare community to redefine the possible."

Dr Khoo Eng Tat
Senior Lecturer, Engineering Design and Innovation Centre, National University of Singapore

"Mixed Reality and AI will transform the future of medicine and healthcare."

Real-time stereoscopic rendering of realistic avatar for interactive 3D telepresence system

Ng Kian Wei
Data Scientist, National University Health System (NUHS), Singapore

"Holomedicine® allows for technological advances such as AI and analytics to be deployed and used in a real-time, interactive mixed-reality environment, which provides a more intuitive and seamless experience for both working medical professionals and students alike."

Professor Dr Lars Gerhard Grossterlinden

flagProfessor Dr Lars Gerhard Grossterlinden

Head of Department Centre of Orthopaedic trauma and spine surgery

"Holomedicine® is the future!"


Liliana da Costa Duarte
Chief Operations Officer, ApoQlar

"Holomedicine® brings a new dimension to the medical world and has an unmeasurable added value to achieve better patient outcomes."


Marcus Tan Chun Jin
Deputy Group Chief Technology Officer, Associate Consultant, National University Health System

"It offers a transformational upgrade in surgical planning and execution, medical education and patient experience."

Blockchain Personal Health Records: Systematic Review

Prof Mark McGurk
Head & Neck Surgeon Director of the Head & Neck Academic Centre UCL

"It has the ability help to see through the skin and visualise disease beneath."

Augmented reality visualization in head and neck surgery: an overview of recent findings in sentinel node biopsy and future perspectives

Mark S. Cohen MD, FSSO, FACS
Professor of Surgery, Pharmacology, and Biomedical Engineering, University of Michigan

"Holomedicine® is the future of medicine and will transform education, simulation, and clinical care delivery while breaking down barriers and creating global connections and access never before seen in our field. It’s an amazing time to be part of the holomedicine movement!"


  1. Patient rounds: Ages-old care & learning concept gets technology upgrade, international collaboration
  2. Applying Extended Reality Technologies: Innovating Rounding and Educating, and Removing Barriers
  3. Six projects to be awarded Provost’s Teaching Innovation Prizes
Prof Mark W. Little
Consultant Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist, Radiology Research Lead, University Department of Radiology, Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust, Reading, UK
Dr. Michael Wagner, PhD

flagDr. Michael Wagner, PhD

Medical University of Vienna, Comprehensive Center for Pediatrics, Division of Neonatology

"Holomedicine® will change the way we interact with patients and other colleagues and and allow for a more personalized medicine."

Researcher Profile 

Dr Mohammad Shaheryar Furqan

flagDr Mohammad Shaheryar Furqan

Senior Research Fellow, Department of Biomedical Informatics (Surgery), National University of Singapore, Singapore

"Holomedicine® is a cutting-edge research and innovation frontier that enables users to experience current reality in a more immersive and engaging manner."


Prof NGIAM Kee Yuan
Group Chief Technology Officer, Senior Consultant Thyroid and Endocrine Surgeon, National University Health System, Singapore

"Holomedicine® is set to change surgery as we know it, providing unparalleled guidance through mixed reality holograms."

Big data and machine learning algorithms for health-care delivery

Dr. Paramjot Kaur BDS, MDS
Founder, Mentor and Business Strategist, The League of Dentists

"Holomedicine® is a much-needed phenomenon which has the ability to transform healthcare. It is the only solution that can not only bring in a great deal of certainty in treatment outcomes, but also revolutionise dental training and education. "


Rafael R Guerrero FRCS(CTh), MD
Consultant Congenital Cardiac Surgeon; Clinical Director of Cardiac Services & Director of Innovation; Honorary Associate Professor-University of Liverpool; Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

"Holomedicine® will help to change the way that we deliver healthcare globally !! With better patient care using advance visualization, sharing worldwide communication and expertise 24/7  and enhancing education and training experience."


Successful Management of a COVID-19 Positive Infant With Transposition of the Great Arteries

Utilizing 3D printed models to assist in complex pediatric cardiac surgery: an interview with Henry Pinchbeck, Michael Richard and Rafael Guerrero

Robert L Hannan MD

flagRobert L Hannan MD

Cardiovascular Surgeon, The Heart Institute, NCHS Medical Director, Quality, NCHS
Dr Ryan K. Mathew
Associate Professor and Honorary Consultant Neurosurgeon, University of Leeds and Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust; Academic Lead for Health, Centre for Immersive Technologies, University of Leeds

"Holomedicine® facilitates the digital collaboration that is so important for better patient outcomes."

Three principles for the progress of immersive technologies in healthcare training & education.

Prof.Dr. Srivats Bharadwaj , BDS , MDS , FADI
Founder and Chief Mentor, The League of Dentists

"Holomedicine® can facilitate real time communication between patients and health care providers anywhere, at any time. It will be the most required revolution in education and training of health care professionals, and it will make all aspects of healthcare accessible and precise. I am excited to be a founding member of the Holomedicine® association."


  1. Why India must integrate dentistry at the core of its healthcare initiatives
  2. Revisiting India's public healthcare policy in pandemic times
Dr Swati Jain

flagDr Swati Jain

Senior Resident, Division of Neurosurgery, University Surgical Cluster, National University Health System, Singapore

"Holomedicine® will change the way we utilise neuroimaging in patient care, resident training and intra-operative navigation. Mixed reality will become a normality rather than a concept of the future for neurosurgical operations."

Optimizing the onco-functional balance in supratentorial brain tumour surgery: A single institution’s initial experience with intraoperative cortico-subcortical mapping and monitoring in Singapore

Tadashi Funahashi

flagTadashi Funahashi

Chief Innovation Officer for Kaiser Permanente

"Healthcare transformation will leverage digital/virtual solutions to improve ease and convenience of care, augment clinical evaluation and diagnostic capabilities, and overall enhance the service and quality of care."

Optimizing Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: Individualizing the Decision‐Making Process Using Data from the Kaiser Permanente ACLR Registry: 2018 OREF Award Paper

Thiam-Chye LIM, FRCS, FAMS (Plastic Surgery)
Senior Consultant & Head, Division of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery, National University Hospital, Singapore

"Holomedicine® advances the capability to spatially localise lesions in a clinical environment."

NUS Profile

Dr. Thomas M. Grégory
Chief of Orthopaedic and Trauma Department, Avicenne Hospital, Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris, Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery and Trauma, University Sorbonne-Paris-Nord, France

"I wish to change the surgical practices in orthopaedic surgery and specially in shoulder and upper limb surgery, into a more modern and connected medicine, image of a fast-changing society."


  1. Surgeon experience of mixed reality headset technology during the COVID-19 pandemic: a multicenter international case series in orthopedic surgery Gregory T, Gregory J, Dacheux C, Hurst S BMJ Surg Interv Health Technologies 2022 May Vol 4 No 
  2. Mixed Reality Assisted Percutaneous Scaphoid Fixation : A Proposed New Surgical Technique Gregory T, Mosmemi A, Hurst S Tech Hand Up Extrem Surg. 2021 May 24.
  3. A Surgery guided by mixed reality: presentation of a proof of concept. Gregory TM, Gregory J, Sledge J, Allard R, Mir O. Acta Orthop. 2018 Oct;89(5):480-483. 
Todd Stallard
Sr. Vice President – North America ApoQlar

"It is rare that the future smashes into present, but that’s what has happened with Holomedicine®! The apoQlar Holomedicine® platform delivers meaningful collaboration, purposeful technology use and embraces emerging technologies for improved patient care and results. Welcome to the future of healthcare today!"


Prof Yeo Tseng Tsai

flagProf Yeo Tseng Tsai

Head & Senior Consultant, Division of Neurosurgery, University Surgical Cluster, National University Health System, Singapore

"I believe the use of mixed reality in neurosurgery will become commonplace and standard-of-care in the neurosurgery OR in the very near future. It is ideally suited for the specialty of neurosurgery in particular compared to other surgical disciplines."

A novel method to determine the natural course of unruptured brain arteriovenous malformations without the need for follow-up information

Zsolt J. Balogh

flagZsolt J. Balogh

Professor of Surgery and Traumatology, University of Newcastle. Director of Trauma, John Hunter Hospital and Hunter New England Health

"Holomedicine® is about to revolutionise how we teach, practice and advance medicine. It is like having an additional sense as clinician and an extra dimension in clarity."

Welcome Associate Editor Zsolt Balogh

Honorary Founding Members

Dr. Adel Helmy, MD
Associate Professor Neurosurgery, University of Cambridge Consultant Neurosurgeon, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust

"Holomedicine® provides an intuitive platform for medical education, especially in the field of neurosurgery where an understanding of the 3 dimensional inter-relationships of critical structures is the key to safe surgery."


Potential human transmission of amyloid β pathology: surveillance and risks

Gary Stefano
Associate Director, the University of Queensland

"With increasing populations medical systems around the globe will be unable to continue to meet demands using conventional thinking, the future viability of medicine is technology, the reach of Holomedicine® and its potential to impact global health will be a key tool to augment and reduce costs for medical practises."

Dr Igor Koncar
Associate Professor, at School of Medicine

"It may change completely education and treatment of patients."

Professor Predrag D. Stevanovic, MD. PhD

Professor Predrag D. Stevanovic, MD. PhD

Full Professor of Anesthesiology, reanimatology and intensive care medicine; Full Professor of Pain medicine; Coordinator of Simulation Center and Chief of the Desk of Anesthesiology reanimatology and intensive care medicine, University of Belgrade,Serbia
Dr Neil Ralph
Head of Technology Enhanced Learning, Health Education England

"Holomedicine® will play a key part in a paradigm shift using XR technologies to train and educate in new ways within healthcare, enhancing knowledge and skill acquisition beyond traditional methods."


The role of extended reality technology in healthcare education: Towards a learner-centred approach

Dr. Meong Hi Son

Dr. Meong Hi Son

Emergency Care Center Deputy Director & Clinical Instructor, Department of Pediatrics, Samsung Medical Center, Seoul, Korea; Director of Speciality Examination of Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Korean Society of Pediatric Emergency Medicine

HOLOMEDICINE® help us overcome the resource scarcity that has always existed in the medical environment.   

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