Inaugural Holomedicine Association Summit

27 November 2021

Session one | 9am - 1pm SGT | 2am – 6am CET | 8pm – 12am EST
Session two | 9pm -12am SGT | 2pm – 5pm CET | 8am – 11am EST

About the event

The Holomedicine® Association is delighted to hold its first Inaugural Summit on the 27 November 2021.

Illustrating the breadth of innovation and digital expertise across healthcare, the Holomedicine® Association is a wide network of individual experts determined to transform healthcare and society through augmented, mixed, and virtual reality applications. We work to build new methods for delivering mixed reality technologies in medicine and surgery, ensuring they have maximum clinical impact.

Focus & flow of the summit

Starting at 9 am in Singapore on the 27th November, this one day event will consist of two sessions gathering the stakeholders from around the globe. Throughout the day, everyone interested to listen in and take part in expert discussions would be able to join.
The summit will host a range of experts from the both the industry and the medical field. You will have the chance to hear first-hand use cases from doctors around the globe as they discuss the application of holomedicine® in their operating theatres.

Each session will present a keynote speaker, as well as several presentations which have been graciously prepared by invited doctors. Both sessions will also host two panel discussions in which participants will be able to hear our experts discuss relevant advances and developments. To close our session, we will also have time for a Q&A in which participants will be able to direct any questions that arise towards our panel.

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