Last year The Holomedicine® Association hit some significant milestones. Following our official launch in May 2021, we held a global summit in November, bringing together clinicians and industry experts from around the world. We started 2022 by expanding our membership, bringing in further invaluable knowledge and setting up the foundations for a global network to carry out research and development in the field of mixed reality.

We also spent the first months of 2022 setting up our Working Groups and defining the objectives and milestones we want to achieve with each Group. With this clarity and these goals in mind, the Association is excited to welcome more members to help us achieve these, contribute innovative ideas and help steer the Association towards becoming leaders in the field of mixed reality in healthcare.

The Association has created three Working Groups:

  1. The Medical and Scientific Evidence Working Group
  2. The Education Working Group
  3. The Policy and Advocacy Working Group

The purpose of these Groups is to strengthen the effectiveness and coordination of the Association’s activities through a global network of clinicians, healthcare workers and industry experts.

Members of the Working Groups can collaborate on projects, share research with one another, streamlining the research and development being undertaken by our members, as well as encourage innovative thinking.

The Groups are run by the members of the Association. Together, each Working Group develops a work plan with activities and goals for this year, guaranteeing autonomy and decision-making power.

Each Working Group has overall objectives it strives towards. Through regular meetings, members can share their progress and updates with one another, and continually review next steps.

This is a big step for the Association, and we are excited to share our activities throughout the year.

If you would like to become a member, please follow this link to fill out our brief contact form. We would love to have you on board!

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