Holomedicine® Association becomes GSMA alliance partner

We are proud to announce that the Holomedicine® Association is now GSMA APAC 5G Industry Community ecosystem partner!

GSMA APAC 5G Industry is formed by contributing members and the existing IoT community and 5G emerging market community with over 500 members in more than 30 countries. The community aims to build a platform for people who are passionate about 5G benefits to industries and enterprises, connect with peers and share their knowledge.

We are proud to be an alliance partner and contribute to the discussion and drive towards 5G integration, especially in healthcare settings.

GMSA official statement:

“GSMA APAC 5G Industry Community which now includes more than 700 member organisations and 2,000 individuals from 66 countries – making it the fastest growing GSMA community in the Asia Pacific region. Building on this success, there are plans for further growth into vertical markets in 2023 with an ‘alliance of alliances’ initiative. We are proud to have Holomedicine® Association as alliance partner.”

Julian Gorman, Head of APAC, GSMA

Holomedicine® Association is the first global industry association for Holomedicine®, created to illustrate the innovation in the field of digital health and to help shape the debate around the digital transformation. It consists of individual experts from medicine, science, technology, and policy. They build new methods for delivering mixed reality technologies in medicine and surgery, ensuring maximum clinical impact. We believe our partnership can benefits the healthcare sector on digital transformation in the 5G era.


Read more about the GSMA APAC 5G Industry Community on their website.

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