Join ISMICS 2022 Annual Scientific Meeting

(From left) Ng Kian Wei (Data scientist, NUHCS), Dr Ilias Skaltsiotis (clinical fellow), Theodoros Kofidis (Associate Professor), Dr Chang Guohao, and Dr Gao Yujia (NUH associate consultant and Vice-Chairman of the Holomedicine Association)

We are pleased to announce that the cardiothoracic team of the NUH will be presenting the First-in-man Experience Of Holographic Rendering To Aid Heart Surgery at the International Society for Minimally Invasive Cardiothoracic Surgery, taking place on 16-19 June in Hilton Warsaw Hotel and Convention Center, Poland. 

About First-in-man Experience Of Holographic Rendering To Aid Heart Surgery (Ilias Skaltsiotis, Gao Yujia, Winn Maung, Guohao Chang, Jai Sule, Laszlo Kiraly, Theodoros Kofidis)

Date, time: 16 June, 14.45 - 15.45

BACKGROUND: We present a video of virtual reality holography guided incision placement for 3 types of minimally invasive cardiac (MICS) surgeries
METHODS: Cases of endoscopic aortic valve replacement, multi-vessel coronary artery bypass surgery and pulmonary valve replacement were chosen. 3-dimensional reconstruction of preoperative high resolution computed tomography images were used to construct a holographic display using a virtual reality toolkit. The holograms were superimposed onto the surgically prepped patient on the operating table using surface landmarks. RESULTS: It was possible to determine the optimal incision sites in all cases as well as anticipate potential anatomic difficulties. Better exposure improved efficacy and ergonomics of surgery
CONCLUSIONS: Holographic rendering may facilitate MICS cardiac surgery through more accurate smaller incisions

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Read more about the symposium's programme (cardiac and thoracic programmes). 

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